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  • The main products of the enterprise are

    Zhejiang golden machinery factory is the professional manufacturer of flotation and mixing equipment in China, it develops from four aspects of specialization, large scale, individuation and intelligentization . The equipment has outstanding advantages, such as superior performance, reliable operation, reasonable overall scheme and so on.

    The flotation equipment has completed the design of large-scale 100m3, 160m3, 320m3 inflatable flotation machine . Application work at the leading level in domestic on the flotation equipment intelligent, large-scale, professional etc. These years, the production and sales of flotation equipment ranked first in China .

    We design and apply 15m large scale agitation tank and 12m crystal mixer on the mixing equipment , making up the original large mining mixing tank was imported from abroad.The equipment working stable , reliable and satisfy customers’ requirements being well received by them.

    The main products of the enterprise are Thickening Equipment and grinding classifiers, mixing and flotation equipments, concentration and filtration equipments, hydrometallurgy equipments and large-scale mixing equipments for salt lake potash.

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