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  • Snake Tongs When you are not handy

    Some people think it is good to have an exotic pet as a companion at home. For example a pet snake, a snake is easier to take care of, but for your safety and their safety special operations and maintenance are necessary. Proper and prudent measures must be implemented to ensure that such incidents do not occur. In addition to making habitats similar to snakes in families, the most important thing is to give the right food.

    For your pet snake, pre-kill prey is recommended. Live prey can cause serious damage to one of your own snakes. In addition, if your pet snake can not kill a live prey quickly, because hesitation or not hungry, the snake is likely to eventually hurt people. Even a small mouse can hurt a snake.

    You can also buy frozen prey and place them in the fridge. This will be easier for you because you have the right prey at all times. Whenever your pet snake needs to eat or feed its prey with its own food, it can be more expensive and time-consuming to buy. Many pet stores sell frozen prey or freshly-dumped prey, which you can freeze later.

    If your snake is eating prey, then you first need to provide fresh prey. Before eating, frozen prey needs to be completely thawed and warmed slightly. Defrost in cold water, not at room temperature. Do not hold your prey with your fingers, swing your prey with pliers to induce prey. If your snake is unwilling to eat, try dipping your game in chicken soup or piercing your game's skull to expose the brain.

    In addition, you may also need to transfer your pet snake to the place, or a different nest. When you are not handy, you will need Snake Tongs. Snake tongs both to ensure your safety, but also to make the pet snake is not harmed. Resin Pet Bowl


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